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National Events Council

TD Ameritrade has agreed to exceed the National Events Council 20% diversity and inclusion pledge. At the National Events Council, our mission is to ensure companies committed to hiring at least 20% of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who are event professionals.

Companies take this pledge to do more than announce on social media their support of diversity and inclusion. Companies like TD Ameritrade publicly show what diversity and inclusion looks like. Their Keynote Speakers and event staff who service their events excursuses the inclusion we all deserve to see.. They also ensure their workforce reflects the same standards offering an employee driven Impact Award. The Impact Award celebrates and recognizes leaders who demonstrate their commitment to building and fostering diversity at TD Ameritrade.

The National Events Council recognize that 20% is a low percentage for companies to agree to make. This is only a starting point. Many companies are not even close to meeting such a goal. Only 1% of all 500 fortune companies have African Americans as their CEO. Just 5% of all Fortune 500 companies are run by women. Every one in five employees is of Latin or Hispanic origin, which is staggeringly low, seeing as how statistics show that an increasingly diverse team leads to better results. Only recently did Target and Boeing pledge to increase Black workers by 20%. However, we know People of Color cannot be left out.

As the National Events Council builds traction with its 20% Diversity Pledge, the 20% will begin to increase. We will keep raising the bar until we see a true diverse workforce in the event industry.

TD Ameritrade 20% Diversity Pledge Questions

We spoke with TD Ameritrade and asked them about their diversity and inclusion program and what makes it stand out.

How has your company ensured diversity in events outside of speakers? 

TD Ameritrade: People matter at TD Ameritrade. It’s a core value of ours and is onboarded from day one. We have a long standing commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. A fundamental part of our Culture of Diversity and Inclusion includes Supplier Diversity which encompasses the development and engagement of certified minority, women, LGBTQ+, veteran, disabled and small businesses through TDA’s Supply Management department.  

What are some of the benefits you have seen from having diverse events?

TD Ameritrade: Diverse events reflect our associate and client makeup and as many other forward thinking companies would agree, help to unify and build brand equity. We are a company and culture that celebrates people from every walk of life. We work to transform lives and investing for the better.

Can you explain some of the ways your CSR efforts are engaging BIPOC communities in or outside of events?

TD Ameritrade: TD Ameritrade is committed to changing lives for the better. We fulfill this commitment through our community involvement program, which harnesses the power of our greatest asset – our Associates – to serve the organizations and causes you care about most. Associates are able to participate in volunteer paid time off, search volunteer opportunities, and participate in the matching gifts and volunteer grant programs, all of which make a difference in local communities across the nation. We continue to incorporate CSR efforts in our event activations, which allow attendees an opportunity to do good for a number of deserving charitable causes throughout the year. 

Why is diversity and inclusion so important to TD Ameritrade?

TD Ameritrade: We think our website says it best with the why:

A healthy company is built on a culture where people feel comfortable being themselves. Yes, it’s good for business, but more importantly it’s the right thing to do. That’s why our culture focuses on the idea that all people matter. It’s written on our walls, talked about in our halls, and demonstrated by how our employees interact with each other and our clients.

When you join us on our journey to transform lives and invest for the better, you’re joining an organization that recognizes the keys to success are diversity of race, national origin, age, marital status, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, citizenship status, service in the armed forces, disability, thoughts, ideas, and perspectives.

It’s the diversity of our people that help us serve a unique set of clients, each with their own set of goals. And seeing situations through these different perspectives helps drive our innovation. Due to this commitment to inclusion, everyone can be their full selves and bring enriching experiences to the table.

In Conclusion

TD Ameritrade 20% Diversity Pledge is only the beginning of our journey. There are so many companies that must improve their efforts to employ a diverse workforce. This includes hiring Black, Indigenous, and People of Color inside the event industry.

Events are connection points that the world simply cannot live without even during a pandemic. If you represent a major company such as Target, HBO, Visa, and Coca Cola, please complete out pledge here.


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